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ex professional
live aboard (with propulsion)
motor yacht
sailing yacht
Dimensions (m)
Price (€)
year (jjjj)
Northney 34reduced in price € 19.500
Northney 34
Dimensions: 10,33 x 2,77 x 1,68 m
Construction year: 1968
Material: GRP
Ref. nr.: 170813
Vision Doeve Brokers
Beautifully lined and well maintained sailing yacht, designed by Kim Holman for IOR Class III racing and cruising. The hull, deck and superstructure are entirely of polyester and she is...
Dutch Sailingbarge 9.20reduced in price € 17.500
Zeeschouw 9.20
Dimensions: 9,20 x 3,65 x 0,85 m
Construction year: 1981
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 191113
Vision Doeve Brokers
Well built and maintained Zeeschouw, which is a Dutch classic sailing yacht. The sailing area of this lady is very large. The mast can be lowered easily with the aid...
Zeilklipper 24.35, Charterschip
Dimensions: 24,35/17,19 x 5,70 x 2,80 m
Construction year: 1994
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 191011
Vision Doeve Brokers
Ketch rigged, oceangoing sailing yacht that is fully equipped and certified by Register Holland to sail worldwide with up to 12 guests. The ship is mainly active up high north...
Flevo Klipper 1350
Dimensions: 14,80/13,50 x 3,98 x 2,05 m
Construction year: 1988
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 191007
Vision Doeve Brokers
Seaworthy ketch rigged sailing yacht with an inside- and outside steering position which makes it comfortable sailing in different weather conditions. The ship was completely professionally painted on the outside...
LM 26Sold
LM 26
Dimensions: 8,10 x 2,90 x 1,25 m
Construction year: 1980
Material: GRP
Ref. nr.: 190911
Vision Doeve Brokers
Very well-maintained sailing yacht built in Denmark. Every autumn the ship leaves the water and hibernates on dry land. The hydraulic steering is located in the covered wheelhouse with sliding...
Dutch Barge, Skutsje 16.63part exchange can be discussed € 49.500
Skutsje 16.63
Dimensions: 16,63 x 3,53 x 0,65 m
Construction year: 1911
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 180203
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former inland cargo vessel that has been completely rebuilt into a recreational vessel. Due to lack of time the ship will be offered for sale and the seller will have...
Gaffel Topzeil kotter 10.30
Dimensions: 12,70/10,30 x 3,30 x 1,20 m
Construction year: 1979
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 180706
Vision Doeve Brokers
Well maintained, as a sailing yacht built gaff topsail cutter from the first owner. It is a special ship with a lot of space. Breton and Irish fishing vessels have...
Amel Meltem 52reduced in price € 145.000
Amel Meltem 52
Dimensions: 15,40 x 4,25 x 1,95 m
Construction year: 1977
Material: GRP
Ref. nr.: 111202
Vision Doeve Brokers
This blue water sailing yacht is fully equipped and ready for her next trip. She is a very good and safe sailer. The seller has spared no effort to get...
SRF Colin Archer 50the asking price is a starting price € 800.000
SRF Colin Archer 50
Dimensions: 18,26/15,93 x 4,80 x 2,50 m
Construction year: New
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 150609
Vision Doeve Brokers
New build Colin Archer, entirely semi-custom built and will be delivered by a shipyard which has more than earned its respect in the yacht and shipbuilding. This together with an...
Koopmans 14.00 Deckhousepart exchange can be discussed € 89.500
Koopmans 14.00 Deckhouse
Dimensions: 14,00 x 4,00 x 1,10 m
Construction year: 1995
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 150408
Vision Doeve Brokers
Very well constructed and designed round bilge blue water sailing yacht / motor sailor (center board) with fan-shape bow wherein currently a basic marine plywood is installed with behind it...
Sirena 44reduced in price € 69.500
Sirena 44
Dimensions: 13,60 x 3,80 x 2,40 m
Construction year: 1987
Material: GRP
Ref. nr.: 090802
Vision Doeve Brokers
Fast going oceangoing cruiser / racer which is in 1995 almost entirely in the Netherlands refitted including a new interior. In the past very well maintained but due to circumstances...