Valuation Yachts, Boats and Ships

Do you want to determine the value of your ship or boat professionally and reliably? Mr. Jitse Doeve and Mr. Rick Buis are both certificated by EMCI as an appraiser/valuer Yachts, Boats and Ships and Mr. Jitse Doeve is also certified as a Register Valuer VRT pleasure crafts & (Sailing charter vessels / former professional vessels).

Who does Doeve Brokers work for
What is a valuation?
Execution value ship.
When can a valuation take place?
What are the costs of a valuation?

For who does Doeve Brokers perform boat and yacht valuations?

Doeve Brokers and Valuers works for private persons, for bankers, for the Tax authorities etc. We perform ship valuations both national and international. We appraise/valuate for example yachts, barges, vessels, ships, sailing yachts, sailing boats, motor yachts, motor vessels, motor boats and Dutch barges.

What is a ship valuation?

A valuation is not a technical survey, it is the ship’s appraised value in the international market on the day that the valuation is performed. For a valuation it is not necessary that the concerning vessel is standing on shore or when the vessel is standing on shore, that she has to be back in the water. It is important that our Valuer has free entrance inside the vessel.

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Execution value ship

We are able to determine the ship’s execution value; this is the value for a ship’s sale within a very short period.

When can a valuation take place?

You have the choice for a ship valuation A.S.A.P. or to make an appointment which we can combine with other appointments. The first choice is more expensive than the second one. 

What are the costs of a ship valuation?

Normally we give you in advance a complete quotation.

You can always get in contact with us to request a quotation, by phone or by email. When you send us an email please mention all relevant details (name, address, telephone number etc.) and the details of the vessel like type and kind of vessel, where the vessel can be inspected and if it has to be performed A.S.A.P. or at a later time. With this information we can give you a quotation without any obligation. 

When you order us to do a valuation of your boat, we need a valid copy of your passport. In case that we have to make any costs for airplane tickets, we charge you on forehand for that costs.


You can always get in contact with us with your questions, by phone and/or by email. Information at Doeve Brokers and Valuers is always free, we will be happy to inform you.

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