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ex professional
live aboard (with propulsion)
motor yacht
sailing yacht
Dimensions (m)
Price (€)
year (jjjj)
Zeillogger 39.00 Charterschip
Dimensions: 39,00/25,06 x 6,54 x 2,50 m
Construction year: 1916
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 200202
Vision Doeve Brokers
Well-performing charter ship that in the summer months is deployed in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and rented out as a B&B in the winter months. Originally she was...
VSP Voith Schneider Tractor Tug
Dimensions: 34,30/30,78 x 9,20 x 4,60/5,83 m
Construction year: 1976
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 200203
Vision Doeve Brokers
Very good maneuverable Voith Schneider Tractor Tugboat with ABS class until 2021. The boat is in a very good condition and is immediately available. She is equipped with 2 Stork...
Zeilklipper 24.35 met CBB 12 pass
Dimensions: 24,35 x 4,75 x 1,00 m
Construction year: 1925
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 191103
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former inland cargo ship that has been refurbished into a sailing charter ship that has been fitted out and certified for sailing with a maximum of 12 hotel passengers. The...
Dagpassagiersschip 200 pax
Dimensions: 26,20 x 5,50 x 0,86 m
Construction year: 1985
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 191005
Vision Doeve Brokers
Day passenger vessel / tourist boat which is in a good state of maintenance. Inside she is furnished with 13 tables each with 6 chairs and she has a covered...
Patrolvessel 18.79reduced in price € 62.500
Patrouillevaartuig 18.79
Dimensions: 18,79 x 4,31 x 1,80 m
Construction year: 1979
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 120601
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former West German Police Vessel which is for more than 50000 euro upgraded. The vessel is suitable for coastal inspection work or as a sport fishing vessel but also as...
Luxe Motor 30.20 met CBB 30 pass
Dimensions: 30,20 x 5,06 x 1,40 m
Construction year: 1924
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 190605
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former inland cargo barge that was converted into a boat for sport fishing in the late 60s. In recent years, the current owner has upgraded the interior using modern and...
Ex German Buoyvessel 29.57 with TRIWVthe owner is a keen seller € 199.500
Werkschip 29.57 met CBB
Dimensions: 29,57 x 6,50 x 1,90 m
Construction year: 1968
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 070102
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former German coastal water buoy vessel annex icebreaker. Originally built by the GDR. Until 2004 in operation. The ship was certified SBG (German Shipping Inspection) until 31 May 2007. A...
Hollandse Zeiltjalk, 20 pass
Dimensions: 25,60 x 5,05 x 1,00 m
Construction year: 1896
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 180611
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former inland cargo barge that is currently in use as a sailing charter ship for 20 hotel guests or 30 day passengers. The guest quarters has a total of 7...
Dektjalk Charterschip 19.38
Dimensions: 19,38 x 4,36 x 1,10 m
Construction year: 1902
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 180603
Vision Doeve Brokers
Inland charter vessel in good condition. She is ideal for sailing with a maximum of 16 hotel guests or 20 day guests, but she is also very suitable to live...
Dutch Sailingbarge 26.32, 36 paxUnder offer € 119.500
Stevenaak 26.32, 36 dagpassagiers
Dimensions: 26,32 x 5,17 x 1,30 m
Construction year: 1882
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 210201
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former sailing inland cargo vessel that has been completely refurbished into a comfortable sailing day passenger ship / charter vessel while retaining the traditional lines of this Dutch Barge. She...
alu Patrouillevaartuig 19.90 met CBB
Dimensions: 19,90 x 4,20 x 1,35 m
Construction year: 1977
Material: aluminium
Ref. nr.: 210209
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former Swedish naval patrol boat which has been well maintained by the current owner and is fully operational. In 2018, for example, more than € 20,000 was spent on major...