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ex professional
floating home
live aboard (with propulsion)
motor yacht
sailing yacht
Dimensions (m)
Price (€)
year (jjjj)
Hotelboot Diana, 82 passagiers
Dimensions: 78,63 x 7,75 x 1,22 m
Construction year: 1964
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 200313
Vision Doeve Brokers
Hotel passenger ship with Rhine certification and extension of zone 2 Netherlands. On the lower deck and main deck there are 2-persons cabins of which each cabin is equipped with...
Partyboot Jan Plezier 75 pers
Dimensions: 25,28 x 5,26 x 1,15 m
Construction year: 1960
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 200312
Vision Doeve Brokers
Day passenger vessel that is very maneuverable with her overhauled Schottel rudder propeller and the Kalkman bow thruster. There are terraces at the front and rear, of which the terrace...
Hotel Passagiersschip 144 passagiers
Dimensions: 86,55 x 9,30 x 1,80 m
Construction year: 1939
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 200315
Vision Doeve Brokers
A spacious hotel passenger vessel / accommodation vessel that is certified with a Rhine certification as well as a zone 2 Netherlands. An excellent opportunity to purchase a vessel with...
Casco Dagpassagiersschip 33.78
Dimensions: 33,78 x 6,50 x 1,00 m
Construction year: 2010
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 200319
Vision Doeve Brokers
This concerns a well-built hull in which the tanks are already built in. It is now possible to obtain a new ship for a fraction of the cost price. The...