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ex professional
live aboard (with propulsion)
motor yacht
sailing yacht
Dimensions (m)
Price (€)
year (jjjj)
Motorklipper 38.51
Dimensions: 38,51 x 5,73 x 1,10 m
Construction year: 1910
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 161007
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former inland cargo vessel which first was a sailing vessel and then has been converted into a motor barge. She also has been extended by 10 meters. The hull is...
Rietaak 18.50, Varend Woonschip
Dimensions: 18,50/17,60 x 4,52 x 0,85 m
Construction year: 1905
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 160911
Vision Doeve Brokers
Former inland cargo vessel which has traded in the NL- Biesbosch area. The present owner completely gutted the vessel and completely rebuilt her with lots of expertise by professionals. Cost...
IJsbreker Walvis, met CBB
Dimensions: 30,18 x 7,60 x 2,10 m
Construction year: 1949
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 160205
Vision Doeve Brokers
This boat was built as a Dutch inland waterways Icebreaker and is still certified as such. Equipped with three great diesel engines (generator) that power two electric motors which power...
Zeegaand KOFTJALK Charterschip
Dimensions: 34,60/25,90 x 5,65 x 1,80 m
Construction year: 1909
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 150101
Vision Doeve Brokers
The "Jan Huygen" is a beautifully built koftjalk which came into service as a sailing cargo ship in 1908/1909. Now in service as seagoing charter vessel. She is both inside...
Ex German Navyvessel 82'reduced in price € 64.500
Ex Duitse Marine 24.90
Dimensions: 24,90 x 5,62 x 1,60 m
Construction year: 1966
Material: wood
Ref. nr.: 080114
Vision Doeve Brokers
ex West German Navyvessel (Torpedofangboot), with extended wheelhouse, rebuilt crew quarters, type TP 3, ex Y 856, with inboard slipway and aluminium hydraulic stern door. Vessel is in good condition,...
Barkmeijer Sailingtjalkthe owner is a keen seller € 87.500
Barkmeijer Zeiltjalk
Dimensions: 19,95 x 3,81 x 1,00 m
Construction year: 1910
Material: steel
Ref. nr.: 080601
Vision Doeve Brokers
Extended sail barge (approx. 4,00 m). She is a fast sailing vessel T11 that has been well maintained! Because of relatively recent renovation and interior work, this vessel interesting price....