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ex professional
live aboard (with propulsion)
motor yacht
sailing yacht
Dimensions (m)
Price (€)
year (jjjj)
Klassiek zeiljacht Scherenkruiser 9.10
Dimensions: 9,10 x 2,50 x 1,40 m
Construction year: 1954
Material: wood
Ref. nr.: 181008
Vision Doeve Brokers
For lovers of classic sailing ships this cruiser is a well-known concept. The Kustkrysarren (KR-class) has a similar design, but this one is more suitable for open waters. Higher freeboard...
Fairey Swordsman 33
Dimensions: 10,10 x 3,50 x 0,90 m
Construction year: 1973
Material: wood
Ref. nr.: 170601
Vision Doeve Brokers
Classic fast-moving motorboat with 2x 225 Hp diesel engines. Between 1964 and 1974, 61 Fairey Swordsman boats were built at the Fairey Hamble Point factory in England. The Fairey Swordsman...
Waarschip 1010€ 12.500
Waarschip 1010
Dimensions: 10,45 x 2,50 x 1,95 m
Construction year: 1986
Material: wood
Ref. nr.: 171107
Vision Doeve Brokers
A Waarschip 1010 is a slim sailing boat with a low superstructure and a lot of trim possibilities. They say that she has a good sailing characteristics, reliable steering response...
Ex German Navyvessel 82'reduced in price € 64.500
Ex Duitse Marine 24.90
Dimensions: 24,90 x 5,62 x 1,60 m
Construction year: 1966
Material: wood
Ref. nr.: 080114
Vision Doeve Brokers
ex West German Navyvessel (Torpedofangboot), with extended wheelhouse, rebuilt crew quarters, type TP 3, ex Y 856, with inboard slipway and aluminium hydraulic stern door. Vessel is in good condition,...