Absolute is a renowned company based in Podenzano, Italy, that has been building high quality motorboats since 2002. With over two decades of experience, Absolute has established herself as a leading player in the yachting industry. The company is known for her innovative designs, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Absolute has an impressive line-up of powerboats to suit the diverse needs and tastes of customers. They offer a wide range of models ranging from sport cruisers to luxury yachts. One of their most popular models is the Absolute 50 Fly, an elegant flybridge yacht that combines luxury and comfort with excellent performance on the water.

In addition, Absolute also has other remarkable boats in its range, such as the Absolute 62 Fly, the Absolute 58 Fly and the Absolute Navetta 64. Each model embodies the company's commitment to creating top quality boats that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

With their continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, Absolute has built a solid reputation in the powerboat industry. They remain true to their mission to create boats that exceed customer expectations in both design and performance. Absolute continues to push the boundaries and continue their passion for boat building in the modern yachting industry.

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Absolute S.p.A

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  • Absolute FLYBRIDGE
  • Absolute 72 FLY
  • Absolute 64 FLY
  • Absolute 62 FLY
  • Absolute 60 FLY
  • Absolute 58 FLY
  • Absolute 56 FLY
  • Absolute 55 FLY
  • Absolute 53 FLY
  • Absolute 52 FLY
  • Absolute 50 FLY
  • Absolute 47 FLY
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  • Absolute COUPE
  • Absolute 48 Coupé
  • Absolute Navetta 75
  • Absolute Navetta 73
  • Absolute Navetta 68
  • Absolute Navetta 64
  • Absolute Navetta 58
  • Absolute Navetta 52
  • Absolute Navetta 48
  • Absolute 70 STY
  • Absolute 64 STY
  • Absolute 56 STY
  • Absolute 55 STY
  • Absolute 53 STY
  • Absolute 45 STY
  • Absolute 43 STY
  • Absolute 40 STY
  • Absolute 40 STL
  • Absolute 56 STC