Antaris is a shipyard located in Woudsend, and part of the Aquatec group. The yard has a long history in shipbuilding and in recent decades has specialized in building luxurious and comfortable motor yachts.

The origins of Antaris go back to 1989 under the name Adria, founded by Mark and Laura van der Willigen Gatsonides. The first sloops are built in Ossenzijl under this name. Driven by the passion to 'do something right or not do it at all' and with a real water sports heart, Adria was one of the first modern sloop builders. The current brand name Antaris was created in 1992. In 2002, the company was taken over by Hans and Jeannet Webbink and the success continued under the name Antaris. In 2005 the yard moves to the heart of water sports, the Frisian Woudsend.

One of the popular models currently being built by Antaris is the Antaris Fifty5. This is a modern-looking sloop of 7.50 meters long and a width of 2.85 meters. The interior is functional and offers great comfort for the owners and their guests. The Fifty5 is available in various configurations, including with an electric motor.

Another popular model is the Antaris X, a modern and sporty motorboat of 10.00 meters long and 3.60 meters wide. The Antaris X has a smart layout with plenty of storage space and can accommodate up to six people. This model is equipped with a powerful motor and is very suitable for long distances and high speeds.

Building motor yachts at Antaris is a traditional activity carried out by professionals with years of experience. The yard uses the latest technologies and high-quality materials to produce motor yachts that meet the highest standards of comfort, safety and performance.

Antaris is known for the high quality of its motor yachts and has built a strong reputation with customers all over the world. The yard continues to develop and innovate and remains committed to building luxurious and comfortable motor yachts that exceed the expectations of its customers.

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