Based in Kuopio, Finland, Aquador Boats is renowned for their craftsmanship in building high-quality motor yachts. They are proud to offer a range of models including the popular Aquador 250 HT and Aquador 300 HT.

The Aquador 250 HT is a stylish and versatile motor yacht with excellent maneuverability. With the streamlined design and spacious interior, it offers comfort and functionality for both day trips and longer journeys. It is equipped with modern amenities and high-quality materials, making every trip an enjoyable experience.

The Aquador 300 HT, a larger model, has been designed with attention to detail and offers a luxurious experience on the water. With the spacious layout and high-quality finish, the yacht exudes class and elegance. Whether you want to enjoy quiet fishing trips or festive gatherings, the Aquador 300 HT offers comfort and versatility.

Aquador Boats continue to set the standard with their uncompromising quality and innovative designs, making them a trusted choice for motor yacht enthusiasts worldwide.

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Aquador Boats

  • Aquador
  • Aquador 23 HT
  • Aquador 28 C
  • Aquador 32 Coupe
  • Aquador 250 Hard Top
  • Aquador 250 HT
  • Aquador 300 Hard Top
  • Aquador 300 HT
  • Aquador 380 Hard Top
  • Aquador 380 HT