Based in Guernsey, Aquastar Boatyard is renowned for the high quality and functional vessels. With decades of experience in yacht building, Aquastar has built a solid reputation as a producer of high-quality seagoing vessels.

One of Aquastar's current models is the Aquastar 430. This vessel was designed with adventurous motorboaters in mind and offers an impressive combination of speed, stability and comfort. At 43 feet in length, the Aquastar 430 is suitable for longer trips on the open sea. The ship is equipped with modern navigation systems and has enough space on board for overnight stays, making it ideal for sailors who want to spend longer periods of time on the water.

Another remarkable model is the Aquastar 80 designed to sail the oceans of the world, discovering Scandinavia, the Greek Islands, the great lakes of America and the Caribbean. The Aquastar 80 does it in style and comfort.

Aquastar's ships are distinguished by their functionality. They are built to withstand the challenging conditions of the sea while offering comfort and luxury. Aquastar ships are characterized by their solid construction, use of high-quality materials and attention to detail.

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