Cantiere La Spezia, located in La Spezia, Italy, is renowned for their excellence in shipbuilding. With a rich history and expertise, the yard has built an impressive range of motor yachts and patrol vessels.

Among the notable models of Baglietto motor yachts built at Cantiere La Spezia is the FAST-Line series. These stylish and luxurious yachts offer a perfect combination of performance and comfort. Another striking model is the T-Line series, with a timeless design and state-of-the-art technologies.

Cantiere La Spezia has also produced impressive patrol vessels such as the PV-Line series. These vessels are designed with safety and security in mind, and offer advanced navigation and communication systems.

With their craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Cantiere La Spezia continues to be a major player in the shipbuilding industry, both in Italy and worldwide. Their various models of Baglietto motor yachts and patrol vessels testify to their constant pursuit of excellence.

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Cantiere La Spezia

  • Baglietto
  • Baglietto FAST LINE
  • Baglietto FAST42
  • Baglietto FAST43
  • Baglietto FAST48
  • Baglietto SUPERFAST LINE
  • Baglietto SUPERFAST40
  • Baglietto SUPERFAST42
  • Baglietto SUPERFAST50
  • Baglietto TLINE
  • Baglietto T52
  • Baglietto T60
  • Baglietto DOM LINE
  • Baglietto DOM 115
  • Baglietto DOM 133
  • Baglietto CUSTOM MADE
  • Baglietto Panam
  • Baglietto Club M
  • Baglietto C
  • Baglietto CUSTOM 38M
  • Baglietto CUSTOM 41M
  • Baglietto MNI15
  • Baglietto MNI15 AMBULANCE
  • Baglietto MNI15 ASSAULT
  • Baglietto MNI15 DRONE
  • Baglietto MNI15 FIREFIGHTING
  • Baglietto MNI15 COASTGUARD
  • Baglietto MNI15 FFC 15
  • Baglietto MNI15 LANDING CRAFT
  • Baglietto MNI15 MISSILES
  • Baglietto MNI15 PATROL
  • Baglietto PV SERIE
  • Baglietto PV350
  • Baglietto PV300
  • Baglietto PV250
  • Baglietto SPV SERIES
  • Baglietto OPV58
  • Baglietto OPV58 RIVER
  • Baglietto Minorca
  • Baglietto Maiorca
  • Baglietto 27M