Baltic Yachts is a leading company from Finland that focuses on producing high-end sailboats. The company has a rich history and has been at the forefront of design, construction and production of top-quality sailboats since her establishment in 1973. Baltic Yachts is known for her impeccable finish, excellent performance and exceptional durability.

The sailboats of Baltic Yachts are built with the latest materials and technologies, including carbon composites, and are designed to meet the highest customer demands. The company is dedicated to the further development of the industry and always searches for new and innovative solutions for her products.

Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships is the Yacht Broker to sell your Baltic sailboat. Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss all the possibilities that we can offer you.

Baltic Yachts

  • Baltic
  • Baltic 125
  • Baltic 38 DP
  • Baltic 39
  • Baltic 40
  • Baltic 42 DP
  • Baltic 43
  • Baltic 47
  • Baltic 48 DP
  • Baltic 50
  • Baltic 52
  • Baltic 55
  • Baltic 62
  • Baltic 64
  • Baltic 66-01
  • Baltic 67PC-03 Freedom