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The barque started its life as a sloop on the ship. It was the largest of its kind on board and there was usually only one of this size. On large, square-rigged ships, such as ships of the line, there were usually four sloops, the largest of which was called the Barkas. The next in size was the Captain's Sloop, which served to take the captain to and from the ship and was often equipped with a small gun. Next came the Labberlot and the smallest was the Jol. These sloops were often "nested" aboard the large ships, fitting together and stowed in a stack of two on the deck. The Labberlot fitted into the Barkas and the Jol into the Captain's sloop.

The Barkas was mainly used for transporting large and heavy equipment to and from shore, such as cannons, water and beer barrels, and sometimes for dropping anchor at a specific location. The sizes usually varied around 9 meters in length or more. All sloops on board were suitable for rowing and sailing, often with a bucket sail as rigging, although this was not always the case.

The Barkas, designed by Ing. Huitema, is an unique and eye-catching vessel designed for recreational purposes. It is a combination of modern and traditional elements and is therefore the perfect choice for those looking for a unique and comfortable vessel.

The unique design of the Barkas ensures that it stands out in the water and is therefore a perfect choice for those looking for a striking vessel. The Barkas also features a comfortable cabin with ample space for passengers, making it the perfect choice.

Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships is the Yacht Broker to sell your Barkas motor yacht. Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss all the options we can offer you.

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