Belliure Yachts, based in Calp, Spain, is a shipyard that has been operating since 1974. They have built an excellent reputation in the construction of high-quality sailing yachts and motor boats. The company offers a range of models that appeal to both sailors and motorboat enthusiasts.

Belliure Yachts has developed several models for sailing yachts, including the Belliure 41, Belliure 50 and Belliure 66. These yachts are designed with an eye for detail and offer a combination of elegance, comfort and excellent sailing performance.

For motorboat enthusiasts, Belliure Yachts also offers various models, such as the Belliure 40 MY, Belliure 46 MY and Belliure 60 MY. These motorboats are known for their stylish design, luxurious finish and smooth sailing characteristics.

With more than four decades of experience, Belliure Yachts continues to build innovative and high-quality yachts that meet the needs of discerning sailors and powerboat enthusiasts worldwide.

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Belliure Yachts

  • Belliure
  • Belliure 86 SY
  • Belliure 83 SY
  • Belliure 66 SY
  • Belliure 63 SY
  • Belliure 50 SY-MS Clasico
  • Belliure 50 SY Clasico
  • Belliure 41 SY
  • Belliure 40SY
  • Belliure 60MY
  • Belliure 52MY
  • Belliure 48-52MY
  • Belliure 46MY
  • Belliure 40MY