Boesch Motorboote AG, based in Kilchberg, Switzerland, is known for their craftsmanship and passion for classic sports boats. With decades of experience, Boesch has built an excellent reputation in the nautical industry.

The range of Boesch classic sports boats is impressive and offers something for everyone. One of the popular models is the Boesch Acapulco Sport, which combines elegance with performance. With its timeless design and powerful engine, this boat offers an unforgettable experience on the water.

In addition, Boesch also has the Boesch 710 Costa Brava De Luxe, a more spacious sports boat with comfortable seats and excellent manoeuvrability. For lovers of speed and adrenaline, there is the Boesch 750 Portofino De Luxe, which is both fast and manoeuvrable.

Boesch Motorboote AG continues to innovate and develop new models to meet the needs of demanding boaters. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail make Boesch classic sports boats a real eye-catcher on the water.

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