Boréal Yachts SAS, based in Minihy - Tréguier, France, is a leading builder of aluminum sailing yachts. With a passion for adventure sailing and a focus on quality and sustainability, Boréal has built a solid reputation in the sailing industry.

Boréal Yachts offers a range of impressive models that enable sailors to explore safely and comfortably world's oceans. Their flagship, the Boréal 52, is a robust and self-sufficient yacht designed for long-term life on board. With a smart design, good sailing characteristics and advanced technology, the Boréal 52 offers maximum safety and reliability.

In addition to the Boréal 52, the company also builds other models, such as the Boréal 44, Boréal 47 and Boréal 55. Each model combines high-quality construction with functional and comfortable interiors. These aluminum sailing yachts are designed to perform in a variety of weather conditions and are perfect for sailors who dream of long-distance voyages and sea exploration adventures.

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