Brabant Yachting, located in Sprang Capelle, the Netherlands, is a renowned company that has been active in the construction of motor boats since 1997. They are specialized in manufacturing high-quality vessels that meet the needs and desires of discerning water sports enthusiasts. They proudly present their latest models: the Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1700 VSH, the Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1600 CAB, the Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1425 CE-B and the Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1250 OK.

The Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1700 VSH is an impressive motorboat that combines luxury and performance. With the spacious interior and excellent sailing characteristics, this model offers an unforgettable experience on the water. The Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1600 CAB has been designed with comfort and style in mind, with every inch cleverly used to create a cozy and practical living space.

For those who are looking for a compact motorboat with versatility and efficiency, the Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1425 CE-B is an excellent choice. This model offers a comfortable cabin and is suitable for both relaxed trips and sporty sailing. Last but not least, there is the Brabant Kruiser Spaceline 1250 OK, an elegant and timeless motorboat with excellent maneuverability and comfortable sleeping accommodation.

With their years of experience and attention to quality, Brabant Yachting continues to strive for perfection in every boat they build. Their passion for craftsmanship and innovation makes them a leading player in the maritime industry.

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Brabant Yachting

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