In 1983 George Brandsma started a marina with a boat rental company and yacht brokerage in the center of Sneek. He was the 10th sworn yacht broker in the Netherlands. In 1989 he introduced the successful and revolutionary Norwegian Agder 840. This comfortable ship is still very popular today because of its large width, among other things.

In 1990 Dirk ten Cate became manager. Dirk had gained a lot of experience in yacht building at the renowned Sneeker companies Abma's Jachtwerf and Aquanaut Yachting.

In 1995, George was the initiator of the It Ges water sports business park on the Houkesloot. All conceivable suppliers for water sports are located at this prime location. Here George built his 25,000 m2 covered full-service marina, equipped with facilities for new construction, repair, storage and maintenance, a large ship lift and fuel pumps.

In 1999, the Ten Cate family took over the company and expanded it further. Because of the good reputation, the name Brandsma Jachten was retained. Under the inspiring leadership of Dirk, Greetje, Joop and Gerard ten Cate, Brandsma Jachten has grown into a modern all-round water sports company.

At the moment, Brandsma Jachten has 3 series of yachts that they build, namely the Luna, which is available as a 30, 34, 37, 40 and 44 footer that is almost on the ground floor. There is also the Noordzeekotter series that is available as a 35, 38, 42, 45 and 50 footer. And the graceful and robustly built Brandsma Vlet with aft cabin is still available as a 42 and 45 footer.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Brandsma Jachten. For further information about the sale of your Brandsma vlet, Noordzeekotter or Luna or if you wish to purchase a Brandsma vlet, North Sea cutter or Luna, please contact us.

Brandsma Jachten

  • Brandsma
  • Brandsma Federick 47
  • Brandsma Noordzeekotter 1400
  • Brandsma Vlet 900 OK
  • Brandsma Vlet 1000 OK
  • Brandsma Vlet 1000 SP Cabrio
  • Brandsma Vlet 1050
  • Brandsma Vlet 1050 GSAK
  • Brandsma Vlet 1100 AK
  • Brandsma Vlet 1150 AK
  • Brandsma Vlet 1150 OK
  • Brandsma Vlet 1200
  • Brandsma Vlet 900 AK
  • Brandsma Vlet 42
  • Brandsma Vlet 45
  • Brandsma Noordzeekotter 35
  • Brandsma Noordzeekotter 38
  • Brandsma Noordzeekotter 42
  • Brandsma Noordzeekotter 45
  • Brandsma Noordzeekotter 50
  • Brandsma Luna 27
  • Brandsma Luna 30
  • Brandsma Luna 34
  • Brandsma Luna 37
  • Brandsma Luna 40
  • Brandsma Luna 44
  • Brandsma Patrol 38