Breedendam Yachts BV is a renowned shipyard located in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The yard was founded in 1976 by Puk and Dolly van Burkom, who started building small wooden sailing boats at the time.

From 1982, Breedendam started a new trend with the development of the "wooden sloop". The idea of having luxuriously finished and motorized lifeboats for day trips proved to be a niche in the market. Nowadays the Dutch sloop is manufactured on a large scale and the use of such boats has become a lifestyle in itself. Various shipyards have adopted Breedendam's idea and build sloops in all shapes and sizes - and a wide range of quality levels. None has managed to match the unique look & feel of a Breedendam Lifeboat.

The yard has since developed much further and now has a wide range of ships in its range, varying from 7 to 16 meters in length. Each ship is tailor-made and fully adapted to the wishes of the customer. This means that each boat is unique and perfectly suited to the owner's lifestyle and taste.

One of the most popular models of Breedendam Yachts BV is the MTB 31. This ship is inspired by the classic motor torpedo boats from the Second World War and offers a combination of vintage charm and modern comfort.

In short, Breedendam Yachts BV is a shipyard that focuses on quality and craftsmanship. The company has a long history and a strong reputation in the yachting industry. If you are looking for a luxury motor yacht that meets all your needs, then a yacht built by Breedendam Yachts BV is definitely the right choice.

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