C-Yacht B.V. is a Dutch company that focuses on the design, production and sale of high-quality sailing yachts. The company was founded in 1999 and is the successor of Jachtwerf Zaadnoordijk, and has since built an excellent reputation within the sailing world.

C-Yacht offers a wide range of yachts ranging from 40 to 61 feet. The company is known for its innovative designs and high-quality workmanship. The yachts are built using the latest technologies and materials, making them not only very durable, but also fast and manoeuvrable on the water.

One of C-Yacht's most popular yachts is the C-Yacht 12.50. This yacht has a length of 12.5 meters and is equipped with the latest in sailing technology. The design of the C-Yacht 12.50 is aimed at comfortable and fast sailing, and the yacht is therefore suitable for both short trips and long trips.

Another popular model is the C-Yacht 47, a 47-foot yacht with a spacious and luxurious interior. The yacht is equipped with the latest navigation equipment and has a very good sailing performance. The C-Yacht 47 is therefore very suitable for long distances and offers the crew all the comfort and luxury they need.

C-Yacht takes pride in the quality of its yachts and strives to meet the highest standards. The company works closely with its customers to ensure that each yacht is fully customized and meets all wishes and requirements.

All in all, C-Yacht B.V. a leading player in the sailing world, with a strong focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The different types of yachts the company offers are all designed to perform optimally on the water, while at the same time offering comfort and luxury to their crew.

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