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Founded in 1946 and based in Rome, Canados Shipyard is a renowned shipbuilding company known for their craftsmanship and expertise in luxury yachts. With a rich history over 75 years, Canados has established itself as a leading player in the yachting industry.

Today, Canados builds an impressive range of yachts that embody the perfect combination of elegance and performance. They have gained a reputation for creating bespoke vessels that meet the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

Some of the notable yachts currently being built by Canados include the Canados 808 Maxi Open, a sporty and stylish vessel with a beautiful design and impressive speed. In addition, there is the Canados 888 Evo, a spacious and luxurious yacht designed for relaxation and entertainment on the water.

With their continued commitment to excellence and innovation, Canados continues to be a prominent name in the yachting industry, with unique yachts that fulfill the dreams of discerning customers around the world.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Canados. For further information about the sale of your Canados or if you wish to purchase a Canados, please contact us.

Cantieri Navali di Ostia

  • Canados
  • Canados 58 Fly
  • Canados 80
  • Canados 82
  • Canados 86
  • Canados Oceanic 76 GT
  • Canados 808 Maximus
  • Canados 888 Evo
  • Canados 969 Coliseum
  • Canados 110 Classic
  • Canados 122 Caesar
  • Canados Gladiator 411 Carbon Series
  • Canados Gladiator 431 Walk-Around
  • Canados Gladiator 431 Speedster
  • Canados Gladiator 493 Grand
  • Canados Gladiator 571 Blade
  • Canados Gladiator 631 Next
  • Canados Gladiator 822 Pure
  • Canados Gladiator 901 Sport
  • Canados Gladiator 919 Rd Series
  • Canados Gladiator 961 Speed
  • Canados Oceanic 76 Gt
  • Canados Oceanic 100 Shadow
  • Canados Oceanic 143 Tri-Deck


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