Jachtwerf De Combinatie is a renowned shipyard in Dordrecht that has been active in building motor yachts since 1936. The wharf is located on the historic harbor of Dordrecht and offers a beautiful view over the water.

It all started with the construction of the 'Combi' boats, which were used for inland shipping and fishing. In the 1960s, the yard decided to specialize in the construction of luxury motor yachts and designed the first Combikotter, a seaworthy vessel suitable for long distances and rough seas.

The Combikotter Kotter quickly became popular among water sports enthusiasts and became the flagship of the yard. The yard has built many Combikotter Kotter yachts in different sizes, ranging from 9 to 15 meters.

Each yacht is unique and tailor-made for its owner, with great attention to detail and high-quality materials. The yachts are equipped with luxurious amenities, such as a spacious lounge, comfortable bedrooms and a complete kitchen.

Unfortunately, in 2010 the construction of Combikotter yachts at Jachtwerf De Combinatie came to an end. The yard decided to concentrate on maintenance and repair of existing yachts. However, the Combikotter yachts still remain popular and sought after on the second-hand market.

Jachtwerf De Combinatie has a rich history and has contributed a lot to Dutch yacht building. It is a yard known for its craftsmanship and eye for detail.

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Jachtwerf De Combinatie

  • Combi
  • Combi Combi
  • Combi Kotter 1050
  • Combi Kotter 10.50
  • Combi Kotter 1025 GSAK
  • Combi Kotter 10.25 GSAK
  • Combi Kotter 1050 GS
  • Combi Kotter 10.50 GS
  • Combi Kotter 1125 GSAK
  • Combi Kotter 11.25 GSAK
  • Combi Kotter 1165
  • Combi Kotter 11.65
  • Combi Kotter 1180
  • Combi Kotter 11.80
  • Combi Kotter 1195
  • Combi Kotter 11.95
  • Combi Kotter 1200
  • Combi Kotter 12.00
  • Combi Kotter 1200 GSOK
  • Combi Kotter12.00 GSOK
  • Combi Kotter 1250
  • Combi Kotter 12.50
  • Combi Kotter 1300
  • Combi Kotter 13.00
  • Combi Kotter 1350
  • Combi Kotter 13.50
  • Combi Kotter 1450
  • Combi Kotter 14.50
  • Combi Kruiser 1230 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 12.30 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 1250 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 12.50 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 1350 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 13.50 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 1500 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 15.00 GSAK
  • Combi Kruiser 1535 GSAK Super
  • Combi Kruiser 15.35 GSAK Super
  • Combi Spiegelkotter 1300 OK
  • Combi Spiegelkotter 13.00 OK
  • Combi Spiegelkotter 1350
  • Combi Spiegelkotter 13.50