Comet sailing yachts, built by Comar Yachts, have become synonymous with excellence in the sailing world. With a rich tradition dating back to 1961, Comar Yachts is known for their craftsmanship, innovation and uncompromising quality.

The current Comet sailing yacht range includes an impressive array of models to suit the needs of sailing enthusiasts of all levels. The range includes the Comet 45S, a sporty and manoeuvrable yacht with excellent sailing characteristics. In addition, there is the Comet 51S, an elegant and luxurious ship that is perfect for long-distance travel. For those looking for even more space and comfort, there is the Comet 62RS, a sailing yacht that impresses both in terms of performance and livability.

With the Comet sailing yachts from Comar Yachts, sailors get the perfect combination of style, speed and reliability, allowing them to live their passion for sailing in the best possible way.

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Comar Yachts

  • Comet
  • Comet Smart 21 OD
  • Comet Smart 26 S
  • Comet Smart 31 S
  • Comet Sport 35 S
  • Comet Sport 38 S
  • Comet Sport 41 S
  • Comet Sport 45 S
  • Comet Raised Saloon
  • Comet Raised Saloon 52 RS
  • Comet Raised Saloon 62 RS
  • Comet Raised Saloon 73 RS
  • Comet Raised Saloon 85 RS
  • Comet 100RS
  • Comet 910
  • Comet 910 Sipla
  • Comet 11
  • Comet 801
  • Comet 14
  • Comet 33
  • Comet 36
  • Comet 38
  • Comet 41 Sport
  • Comet 45 Sport
  • Comet 50
  • Comet 51
  • Comet 51 Sport
  • Comet 52
  • Comet 62
  • Comet 65
  • Comet Genesis 43
  • Comet Phoenix