Comfortina sailing yachts are a well-known name in the sailing world. Until 2012 they were built in Sweden, but since 2013 the production has been taken over by Comfort Yachts Deutschland GmbH & Co KG in Schleswig, Germany. This transition has given the brand a new dynamic and improved quality and craftsmanship.

The current range of Comfortina sailing yachts includes various models that meet the needs of sailing enthusiasts. From the manoeuvrable Comfortina 35 to the spacious Comfortina 46, each yacht embodies the brand's signature characteristics: excellent sailing characteristics, comfortable accommodations and high-quality finish.

The Comfortina series has proven itself as reliable and seaworthy ships, suitable for both short trips and longer trips. Whether you are an experienced sailor or just starting with sailing, there is a Comfortina sailing yacht to suit your needs and skills. With their timeless design and outstanding performance, Comfortina sailing yachts continue to be a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts around the world.

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