The Cranchi yard, located in Italy, is known for their exquisite yacht building and craftsmanship. With a rich history dating back to 1870, Cranchi has established itself as a leading name in the luxury yacht industry.

The yard produces a wide range of yachts that meet the diverse needs and desires of motor yacht enthusiasts around the world. Some of Cranchi's current yacht models include the E26 Classic, the E30 Endurance, the T36 Crossover and the Z35. Each model embodies the essence of Italian design and craftsmanship, offering the perfect combination of style, performance and comfort.

The origins of the Cranchi yard lie on the shores of Lake Como, where the company started building rowing boats and small wooden ships. Over the years, Cranchi has developed and expanded, focusing on the design and manufacture of world-class luxury yachts. The company has built her reputation by constantly striving for perfection and delivering high quality yachts that meet the expectations of discerning yacht owners.

With her rich heritage, dedication to craftsmanship and constant innovation, Cranchi remains a key player in the international yachting industry, offering yachts of unparalleled quality and elegance.

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Cantiere Nautico Cranchi

  • Cranchi
  • Cranchi 36 Smeraldo
  • Cranchi 56 HT
  • Cranchi Atlantique 40
  • Cranchi Atlantique 43
  • Cranchi Atlantique 48
  • Cranchi Atlantique 50
  • Cranchi Endurance 33
  • Cranchi Endurance 41
  • Cranchi Mediterranee 43
  • Cranchi Mediterranee 47
  • Cranchi Mediterranee 47 HT
  • Cranchi Mediterranee 50
  • Cranchi Mediterranee 50 HT
  • Cranchi Pelican 32
  • Cranchi T43 Eco Trawler
  • Cranchi Z35
  • Cranchi Zaffiro 34
  • Cranchi Zaffiro 36
  • Cranchi Settantotto 78 FT
  • Cranchi Sessantasette 67 FT
  • Cranchi Sessantadue 62 FT
  • Cranchi Sessantasette 67 FT Corsa
  • Cranchi E52F Evoluzione
  • Cranchi 60 HT
  • Cranchi 60 ST
  • Cranchi M44 HT
  • Cranchi T43 Trawler
  • Cranchi T36 Crossover
  • Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender
  • Cranchi E26 Classic
  • Cranchi E26 Rider
  • Cranchi Z35
  • Cranchi E30 Endurance