The CRN Shipyard is a renowned Italian shipyard with an impressive history and a strong reputation in luxury yacht building. Founded in 1963, CRN has since then grown into a leading player in the yachting industry.

The yard is known for their craftsmanship and innovative designs. It has produced a wide range of bespoke yachts that meet the highest standards of luxury and comfort. Some of CRN's current yacht models include the CRN 135, CRN 137 and CRN 132, each model has been designed to exceed the expectations of discerning owners.

CRN's history is littered with milestones and highlights, including collaborations with renowned designers and winning prestigious industry awards. Through continuous innovation and attention to detail, CRN has maintained her position as one of the world's leading yacht builders and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in luxury yacht building.

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CRN Shipyard

  • CRN
  • CRN 105
  • CRN 120
  • CRN 43
  • CRN 52
  • CRN 135
  • CRN 137
  • CRN 60
  • CRN Nordic Star
  • CRN 128
  • CRN 115
  • CRN 120
  • CRN 129
  • CRN 46
  • CRN 123
  • CRN 132
  • CRN 132
  • CRN 37
  • CRN 37.5 MT Alu Steel
  • CRN 53 m