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Cygnus GRP ships, built by Cygnus Marine Boats in Falmouth, are renowned vessels designed for various purposes. With a reputation for quality craftsmanship and innovation, Cygnus Marine Boats has become a prominent shipyard in the maritime industry.

Located in the coastal town of Falmouth, Cornwall, England, Cygnus Marine Boats has been constructing polyester ships since its establishment in the late 1970s. The shipyard's strategic location on the southwestern coast of England provides easy access to the English Channel and the Celtic Sea, making it an ideal hub for shipbuilding and maritime activities.

The primary goal of Cygnus Marine Boats is to build robust and reliable vessels that can withstand the demanding conditions of the open sea. The company specializes in constructing commercial fishing boats, workboats, and patrol vessels that are specifically tailored to the needs of their customers. These vessels are known for their exceptional stability, durability, and seaworthiness, making them well-suited for a range of marine operations.

Over the years, Cygnus Marine Boats has developed several notable ship types that have gained recognition in the industry. One of their flagship models is the Cygnus GM 32, a versatile fishing vessel designed for inshore and offshore fishing. With its practical layout, ample deck space, and efficient handling, the Cygnus GM 32 has become a popular choice among fishermen.

Another noteworthy vessel produced by Cygnus Marine Boats is the Cygnus DS 25, a multi-purpose workboat. This vessel is highly regarded for its stability and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including surveying, diving support, and crew transfer. Its rugged construction and reliable performance have made it a preferred option for various marine industries.

Overall, Cygnus GRP ships are known for their durability, reliability, and versatility. With their extensive range of vessel types, the shipyard continues to contribute to the maritime industry by providing exceptional solutions for commercial fishing, workboat operations, and other marine applications.

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