The Cytra shipyard was founded by the brothers Richard and Ernst Heim. At the end of the 1950s, they started building boats with their knowledge of wood. The first boat was 4.2 meters long and made of plywood. The second boat was 5.5 meters long and the third construction was already 7 meters long, with a cabin and intended for the sea.

In 1963 they started serial production. Ever since the first boats made of wood, great importance was attached to the optimal construction of the hull, because fuel saving was the main condition set by the Heim brothers. Later, using glass fiber reinforced plastics and years of experimentation, the hull and superstructure could be refined to such an extent that all Cytra yachts are among the most fuel-friendly boats till today.

To be relatively independent, the yard produced many accessories according to ideas of Heim himself. From metal cleats to interior elements made of wood or plastic, everything was manufactured in the workshops at the Cytra yard and then built in into the Cytra yachts.

More than 900 boats of the more than 10 Cytra models were sold to water board and rescue services and to boating enthusiasts. Due to his age, Richard Heim wanted to sell the yard, but the French Rocca shipyard withdrew for political reasons.

In 1998 the Cytra shipyard was closed.

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  • Cytra
  • Cytra NB19
  • Cytra NK19
  • Cytra Scout19
  • Cytra Aviso 22
  • Cytra CB 23 Concorde
  • Cytra CB 23 Sport
  • Cytra 23
  • Cytra 25
  • Cytra Skipper 27
  • Cytra Captain
  • Cytra Skipper
  • Cytra Skipper SG
  • Cytra Skipper DS
  • Cytra Courier 31 SG
  • Cytra Courier 31 DS
  • Cytra Courier 31 SG deluxe
  • Cytra Courier 31 DS deluxe
  • Cytra Courier 31 Sport
  • Cytra 31 PB MC
  • Cytra Senator 35
  • Cytra Ambassador 36 SG deluxe
  • Cytra Ambassador 36 DS deluxe
  • Cytra 36 spez
  • Cytra Ambassador 38 SG
  • Cytra Ambassador 38 DS
  • Cytra Ambassador 38 SG deluxe
  • Cytra Ambassador 38 DS deluxe
  • Cytra Ambassador 38 Sport
  • Cytra Senator 38
  • Cytra Senator 40
  • Cytra Senator 40 DC
  • Cytra Senator 40 SL
  • Cytra Senator 42
  • Cytra Ambassador 43
  • Cytra Senator 46
  • Cytra 46er Orient Version
  • Cytra Ambassador 48