Dutch Barge Rietaak

In the Biesbosch area, special barges for reed and willow shipping were built until about 1925; wide, shallow ships that were extremely suitable for transporting a light, high top load. These types of ships were called Rietaak and where used by reed traders to transport the end product, cleaned and sorted reeds, to customers who often lived far away. Transport between the cutting sites and the temporary and long-term storage sites was provided by smaller barges. Discarded Westlanders and Kagenaars were also used for this transport.

  • bulwark fore and aft in line with the hull
  • large width in relation to length
  • mast in front of the hatches very precocious
  • small type: open with foredeck
  • large type: deck or pavilion ships
  • mainsail, jib and sometimes yankee

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