Dutch Barge Zandaak

Small Zandaaken were often built around Hardinxveld. In these small ships the plates were not always round, with the result that the ship's skin showed kinks; between the courses and at the heve. There is often a recess in the buoy along the length of the cargo hold, in which a removable wooden mounting board could be replaced to facilitate loading and unloading. Sand barges could be rigged with a mainsail on a straight or curved gaff and a jib.

  • bulwark fore and aft in line with the hull
  • buckling between keel plate (heve) and strakes
  • open with foredeck or hatches up to the gunwale
  • recess in bulwark along the hold; removable sideboard
  • mainsail with bended gaff and jib 

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