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The first Favorite cruiser was built in the 1950s at the yard 'De Watersport' in NL-Voorschoten by Dirk Mulder Sr. The ship was an instant success. The foundation was laid for the next Favorite models and a successful future. The Super Favorite was the larger and more luxurious successor of the Favorite and immediately very popular.

The models with aft cabin were sold under the name Super Favorite De Luxe and were very popular. That the versions and models differ from each other is shown by the fact that both round bilge and articulated hulls were used. The Super Favorite motorsailer is a round bilge, sloop-rigged vessel with heart-shaped transom and a long keel.

In 1969, Dirk Mulder Sr. leased the yard to Hans van Kleef. Due to necessary cutbacks, van Kleef opted for cheaper hulls and the flared bow disappeared. When Dick Mulder Jr. took over as head of the shipyard in 1984, he immediately realized that the demand for even larger and especially more luxurious vessels would continue to grow. The name of the yacht yard is changed to Shipyard D. Mulder.

In 1989, he introduced a new type of Favorite, the "Favorite Superieur", also with a closed wheelhouse but now no longer made of wood but of steel and later aluminium. Dick Mulder Jr. made the first design largely by himself but in collaboration with yacht architect Aad Volker. Later models become increasingly refined. The name Superior disappears and is replaced by "Futura" in the 1990s.

In 1995, the brand name "Mulder" is introduced for very luxurious motor yachts. In 1996, the model line is expanded with the introduction of the "Super Favorite Convertible". Dick Mulder Jr. had a new Shipyard in NL-Zoeterwoude named "Mulder Shipyard" in 2012. He started focusing entirely on custom-built motor yachts in the high-end segment. On 24 July 2022, Dick Mulder Jr. passed away at the age of 60. His son Nick has taken over the baton. The name Favorite is still used at Mulder Shipyard for various models.

Doeve Brokers is the yacht broker for boats built by Mulder Shipyard. For further information about the sale of your Favorite or if you wish to purchase a Favorite, please contact us.

D. Mulder

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