Feadship is a leading group of luxury yacht builders with a rich history in the Netherlands. The name Feadship stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, which indicates that it was originally a partnership between Dutch shipbuilders who focused on building high-quality yachts for the export market.

The cooperation between the yards started in 1949, when the Van Lent yard and Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw decided to join forces. This partnership led to the creation of Feadship, with the aim of delivering exceptional custom yachts to discerning clients around the world.

Today, the Feadship group comprises four shipyards: Royal De Vries Scheepsbouw in Aalsmeer and Makkum & Koninklijke Van Lent in Kaag and Amsterdam, as well as De Voogt Naval Architects in Hoofddorp. Each of these yards plays a crucial role in the building process of the Feadship yachts, with De Voogt's expertise focused on the design and engineering.

Feadship has produced some of the world's most striking and luxurious yachts. An example is the yacht "Aquarius", which was launched in 2016. At 92 meters in length, this masterpiece can accommodate 12 guests in 7 stylish and comfortable cabins. The yacht features state-of-the-art amenities such as a helideck, swimming pool, gym and movie theater.

Another impressive yacht is the "Lonian", which was completed in 2018. With its striking design inspired by the shape of a ray, the Lonian is a masterpiece of innovation and elegance. The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and features a spacious spa, a panoramic lounge and a spectacular sundeck with a Jacuzzi.

Feadship continues to be a pioneer in luxury yacht building, with a dedication to craftsmanship, innovation and customer focus. Feadship yards continue to create extraordinary yachts that push the boundaries of luxury and technology, maintaining their position as the industry leader.

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