The Fisher is a series of motor sailing boats from the English Shipyard Northshore in Chichester.

The ships were made in different versions, ranging from the Fisher 25 (25 feet, approx. 7.5 m) to the Fisher 46 (46 feet, approx. 15 m). The yachts are made of polyester and are notable for their characteristic wheelhouse with recessed windows; as is normally only seen on commercial vessels.

The Fishers are immediately recognized in ports and admired with respect. This is mainly due to the wheelhouse with recessed windows. This type of wheelhouse is only found on commercial vessels, such as fishing vessels or small coasters. In addition to the wheelhouse, the hull is also modeled like commercial ships: they have a strong similarity with (Danish) fishing vessels. All models are two-masters, except the Potter 25 variant and the -barely produced- Fisher 31. The smallest 25-footer has a straight butt, but all other types have a striking round stern.

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