Marivent Yachts is a renowned yacht builder known for its unique designs and high-quality construction. The company is best known for its Fjord yachts, which have been built since the 1960s and are appreciated by water sports enthusiasts worldwide.

The history of Fjord yachts dates back to 1960, when a Norwegian shipyard started building aluminum boats for the Norwegian Coast Guard. In the 1960s and 1970s, the yard started producing motorboats for the recreational market, with the aim of combining functional design with modern aesthetics. The boats quickly became popular for their robust construction and practical layout, which was perfect for rough seas and adventure travel.

In 2007, the yard was taken over by the HanseGroup, a leading producer of sailing and motor yachts. Since then, Fjord yachts has experienced impressive growth and established a strong presence in the international yacht market.

HanseGroup, today responsible for the production of Fjord yachts, has continued the philosophy of the yard by constantly innovating and developing new designs that meet the needs of modern water sports enthusiasts. The boats of Fjord yachts are known for their excellent performance, efficient hull design and luxurious finish.

The Fjord yacht range currently includes models from 36 to 52 feet, with numerous customization options available to meet individual customer requirements. Suitable for day trips, weekend getaways and longer trips, the boats offer all the comforts and conveniences needed for a relaxing and enjoyable experience on the water.

All in all, Fjord yachts remains a major player in the yachting market, with a strong legacy of innovation, quality and craftsmanship. Thanks to the dedication of Marivent Yachts and the HanseGroup, Fjord yachts will undoubtedly remain a beloved brand among water sports enthusiasts around the world for many years to come.

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Fjord Boats

  • Fjord
  • Fjord 260T
  • Fjord 36 OPEN
  • Fjord 36 Xpress
  • Fjord 38 Express
  • Fjord 38 Xpress
  • Fjord 40 Cruiser
  • Fjord 40 OPEN
  • Fjord 41 XL
  • Fjord 42 Open
  • Fjord 44 Coupe
  • Fjord 44 Open
  • Fjord 48 OPEN
  • Fjord 52 Open
  • Fjord 53 XL
  • Fjord 880
  • Fjord 900 Dolphin
  • Fjord MS 33
  • Fjord Terne 21
  • Fjord Terne 24
  • Fjord Terne 28