German Frers

German Frers, a leading boat designer, has received worldwide recognition for his outstanding contribution to the yachting industry. Originating in Argentina, Frers has a rich family history in the world of boat design and has made his mark on the maritime world with his innovative and elegant designs.

Frers has designed a wide range of yachts that appeal to both sailing and motor yacht enthusiasts. Some of his best-known designs include the Swan 65, Swan 45, Hallberg-Rassy 54 and Swan 78. Each design embodies the perfect balance of aesthetics, performance and functionality, and is appreciated for its excellent sailing performance and comfort on board.

With decades of experience and a passion for excellence, Frers has gained international recognition for his designs. Combining advanced technology with timeless aesthetics, it has contributed to the evolution of yacht architecture. His designs are appreciated by sailors all over the world and have earned Frers a well-deserved reputation as one of the most influential boat designers of his time.

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