Gianetti Yachts is a leading yard founded in 1978 and known for their craftsmanship and innovation in the luxury yacht industry. With a rich history spanning more than 40 years, Gianetti Yachts has built an impeccable reputation as a builder of high-quality yachts.

Their current range includes some notable types of yachts, including the "Gianetti Navetta" series, which combines luxury and comfort with excellent seaworthiness. Ideal for long cruises, these motor yachts offer great interiors that can be hand-made to the owner's wishes.

In addition, Gianetti Yachts also has the "Gianetti Sport" series, which is more focused on speed and sportiness. These yachts are designed with an eye for detail and offer exciting performance for sea enthusiasts who like to combine speed and style.

With decades of experience and dedication to excellence, Gianetti Yachts remains a leading player in the yacht building industry, constantly pursuing new designs and technologies to meet the demands of their customers.

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Gianetti Yachts

  • Gianetti
  • Gianetti 45 Sport
  • Gianetti 58 HT
  • Gianetti Mirage 401
  • Gianetti Mirage 402
  • Gianetti 38M
  • Gianetti Navetta 33mt
  • Gianetti Navetta 23 mt
  • Gianetti Navetta 21 Mt
  • Gianetti Navetta 19 Mt
  • Gianetti 38 Fly
  • Gianetti 42 Fly
  • Gianetti 48 HT Possibile permuta
  • Gianetti Mirage
  • Gianetti Navetta 19
  • Gianetti 26 m trawler
  • Gianetti 40 Fly
  • Gianetti 401
  • Gianetti 402
  • Gianetti 42
  • Gianetti 46 Fly
  • Gianetti 48 HT
  • Gianetti 52
  • Gianetti Star 85 Navetta