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Grand Soleil

Cantiere del Pardo is an Italian shipyard that has been building sailing yachts since 1975. The company was founded by the Pardo family and since then it has specialized in the production of high-quality Grand Soleil sailing yachts. These yachts are known for their unique designs, excellent sailing performance and durability.

The history of Cantiere del Pardo dates back to the 1970s, when the Pardo family decided to invest in the sailing yacht industry. The company grew rapidly and became one of the leading shipyards in Italy. In the 1990s, the company introduced the Grand Soleil sailing yachts, which immediately appealed to sailors all over the world.

Today Cantiere del Pardo is a major player in the sailing yacht industry and produces a wide range of sailing yachts, including racing, cruisers and performance yachts. All yachts are built with the latest technologies and high-quality materials, including carbon and light metal.

The Grand Soleil sailing yachts from Cantiere del Pardo are known for their excellent performance and comfort. They offer the sailor a unique sailing experience and are designed to be sailed in competitions as well as during holidays. The yachts are very efficient and have excellent stiffness, which makes them ideal for long distances and fast sailing trips.

With more than 45 years of experience in building high-quality sailing yachts, Cantiere del Pardo is a valuable partner for anyone looking for an excellent and durable sailing yacht. Whether for competitive sailing or sailing on holiday, the Grand Soleil sailing yachts of Cantiere del Pardo always offer the sailor an unforgettable experience.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Cantiere del Pardo's. For further information about the sale of your Grand Soleil or if you wish to purchase a Grand Soleil, please contact us.

Cantiere del Pardo’s

  • Grand Soleil
  • Grand Soleil 34.1
  • Grand Soleil 37
  • Grand Soleil 38
  • Grand Soleil 39
  • Grand Soleil 40
  • Grand Soleil 40R
  • Grand Soleil 42
  • Grand Soleil 43
  • Grand Soleil 45
  • Grand Soleil 46
  • Grand Soleil 46.3
  • Grand Soleil 50
  • Grand Soleil 56
  • Grand Soleil 58
  • Grand Soleil GS 34 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 40 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 44 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 48 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 58 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 65 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 72 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 80 performance
  • Grand Soleil GS 42 LC long cruise
  • Grand Soleil GS 46 LC long cruise
  • Grand Soleil GS 52 LC long cruise
  • Grand Soleil GS 65 LC long cruise
  • Grand Soleil GS 72 LC long cruise
  • Grand Soleil Explore GS 40
  • Grand Soleil GS 72
  • Grand Soleil GS 34
  • Grand Soleil GS 40
  • Grand Soleil GS 44
  • Grand Soleil GS 48
  • Grand Soleil GS 58
  • Grand Soleil GS 65
  • Grand Soleil GS 80


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