Greenline Yachts is an innovative yard based in Begunje, Slovenia, dedicated to designing and building sustainable motor yachts. The yard was founded in 2008 by the Slovenian entrepreneur Japec Jakopin. Jakopin had the vision to build a motor yacht that was as efficient and sustainable as a sailboat, and that is how the first Greenline 33 was born.

The Greenline yachts are built with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The design is based on a hybrid drive system consisting of an electric motor and a diesel engine. This system makes it possible to sail the yachts without having to run the diesel engine, drastically reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

The current range of Greenline yachts includes models from 33 to 68 feet. Each model has its own specific features, but all are built with the same eye for durability and efficiency. The Greenline 33 is the entry-level model and offers space for four people. The Greenline 39 is a comfortable cruiser suitable for longer trips and can accommodate up to six people. The Greenline 45 Fly is a luxury yacht with a spacious interior and a large sundeck, ideal for longer holidays on the water. The Greenline 48 Coupe is the yard's latest model and seats eight.

Greenline Yachts has won numerous awards and prizes for their innovative designs and their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The company remains committed to developing new technologies and improving their products to meet customers' increasing demands for sustainability and efficiency.

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