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Guy Couach

Chantier Naval Couach is a French shipyard that focuses on the construction of luxury yachts and patrol boats. Founded in 1897 by Albert Couach, the yard started as a small craft shipyard in the town of Gujan-Mestras on the Atlantic coast. Over the years, the company has grown into one of the leading shipyards in Europe.

The yard is known for its expertise in building fast, streamlined boats with a striking design. From the 1960s, Couach specialized in the construction of fiberglass boats and later in the construction of aluminum yachts. The yard was one of the first shipyards to use these materials and has since developed continuously in terms of innovative technologies and designs.

One of the most famous ships built by Couach is the "Miss Cougar", a speedboat that broke the world speed record in 1986. The yard has also built a number of patrol boats for various international navies, including the French Navy.

Today, Chantier Naval Couach mainly builds luxury yachts and patrol boats. Some of the most famous models are the Couach 2600 Fly, the Couach 3700 Fly and the Couach 5000 Fly. The 2600 and 3700 are designed for short cruising and can accommodate up to eight guests. The 5000 is the flagship of the yard and can accommodate up to twelve guests.

The yard also has a number of patrol boats in its range, including the Gowind-class patrol boat built for the French Navy and equipped with the latest technologies in weapons systems and communications.

Chantier Naval Couach has won numerous awards over the years for its designs and technical expertise. The yard has built a strong reputation in the luxury yachting industry and is one of the most respected shipyards in Europe. With its continued focus on innovation and technology, the yard is expected to continue to grow and prosper in the coming years.

The current names of the ships and yachts are “Couach”. Until 2005 the ships were sold under the name “Guy Couach”.

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