The yard Heesen Yachts, located in Oss, the Netherlands, is a worldwide recognized name in luxury yacht building. With a rich history dating back to 1978, Heesen Yachts has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of bespoke, high performance superyachts.

Heesen Yachts offers a wide range of yachts that meet the different wishes of demanding customers. Some of the current yacht models are the Heesen 50m, Heesen 55m and the Heesen 57m. These yachts embody the perfect balance between elegance, performance and luxury.

The history of Heesen Yachts is characterized by innovation and craftsmanship. The yard started as a modest family business and grew into a globally renowned brand. Heesen Yachts was one of the pioneers in the use of aluminum in yacht building, which enabled them to create lighter and faster yachts.

With a dedicated team of designers, engineers and craftsmen, Heesen Yachts continues to lead the yachting industry. The company continues to strive for technological progress, aesthetic beauty and uncompromising quality. As a synonym for craftsmanship and luxury, Heesen Yachts continues to maintain their position as one of the most sought-after brands in the yachting industry.

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Heesen Yachts

  • Heesen
  • Heesen 35 M
  • Heesen 3700
  • Heesen 80
  • Heesen 83
  • Heesen 90
  • Heesen 28
  • Heesen 50
  • Heesen 90
  • Heesen 112
  • Heesen 145
  • Heesen 147
  • Heesen 2001
  • Heesen 28 m
  • Heesen 29
  • Heesen 30
  • Heesen 50m Steel Displacement
  • Heesen 50m Aluminium Semi-displacement
  • Heesen 50m Aluminium FDHF
  • Heesen 55m Steel FDHF
  • Heesen 57m Aluminium FDHF
  • Heesen Amigo
  • Heesen 3700 Aluminium serie