The IJlstervlet is a special type of boat that originated in the Frisian town of IJlst. This elegant boat is mainly used for recreational purposes, such as sailing on the Frisian lakes or exploring the Dutch waterways. The IJlstervlet has a characteristic appearance, with a slim hull and a classic look. The interior of the boat is often luxuriously furnished and offers enough space for a comfortable sailing experience. Due to its maneuverability and speed, the IJlstervlet is very suitable for sailing on the narrow waterways of Friesland.

The IJlstervlet was originally a design by Huitema, which was built in the 1970s and 1980s by a shipyard at Van Dijk from IJlst. This also explains the name. Shipyard Nowee from Heeg eventually embraced the IJlstervlet brand again and started building the newer types. To this end, a collaboration was sought with yacht designer Jan Visser. After Nowee's bankruptcy the construction has continued by Rapsody Shipyard.

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