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Inspection vessel / Survey vessel

An Inspection vessel / Survey vessel is a specific type of vessel used for carrying out inspections and surveillance tasks on seas, rivers, lakes and other waterways. The primary purpose of an Inspection vessel / Survey vessel is to ensure safety, regulatory compliance and the protection of the marine environment.

Inspection vessels are equipped with various technological and operational features that enable them to conduct inspections effectively. They are often equipped with advanced navigation and communication systems to enable the vessels to respond quickly and accurately to reports of violations or emergencies. In addition, inspection vessels may also have sonar and radar equipment to detect obstacles and facilitate navigation.

The duties of an inspection vessel may vary depending on the specific needs and regulations of the area in question. They can be used to monitor shipping routes, enforce fisheries laws, monitor environmental compliance, conduct rescue operations and assist in search and rescue.

In short, an inspection vessel plays a vital role in maintaining safety, regulation and environmental protection on waterways through inspections and surveillance duties.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated Yacht Broker and Ship Broker for Inspection vessels / Survey vessels. For further information about the sale of an Inspection vessel / Survey vessel or if you wish to purchase an Inspection vessel / Survey vessel, please contact us.


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