Interboat, located in Zwartsluis in the Netherlands and with their showroom in Oud Loosdrecht, has built up a solid reputation in yacht building. The yard produces a variety of yachts that meet the diverse needs of boating enthusiasts. Some of Interboat's current models include the Intender 650, Intender 770 and the Interboat 900. Each model embodies the yard's expertise and offers a combination of comfort, performance and functionality.

With the strong roots in Zwartsluis and their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, Interboat remains an important player in the Dutch yachting industry. Interboat's motorboats are appreciated for their reliability, comfort and timeless designs, making them a favorite choice for many.

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  • Interboat
  • Interboat 9000 Sportivo
  • Interboat 22 Xplorer
  • Interboat 900
  • Interboat Intender 760
  • Interboat Intercruiser
  • Interboat Intercruiser 27 Cabin
  • Interboat Intercruiser 34
  • Interboat Intercruiser 35
  • Interboat 17
  • Interboat 19
  • Interboat Intender 650
  • Interboat Intender 700
  • Interboat Intender 780
  • Interboat Intender 820
  • Interboat Intender 820 ES
  • Interboat Intender 950 Cabrio
  • Interboat Intercruiser 29
  • Interboat Intercruiser 32
  • Interboat Intender 950 Cabin