Jongert is a Dutch company engaged in the construction of luxurious sailing yachts and motor yachts. The company was founded in 1953 and since then it has built an excellent reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of superyachts. Jongert's yachts are considered the crème de la crème of the sailing world and are recognized for their innovative designs, durability and comfort.

The company strives for high quality in everything they do, from the use of the very best materials to the perfect finish of every detail. With more than 40 years of experience and knowledge, Jongert has developed into an expert in the construction of custom-made yachts. The company offers a unique experience for customers looking for the best the sailing world has to offer.

Jongert has an extensive team of engineers and technicians who are constantly working on innovation and improvement. The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards, guaranteeing a wonderful and adventurous sailing experience. Whether you are looking for a sailing yacht for world travel or just want to enjoy the sea and the outdoors, Jongert has the perfect yacht for you.

In short, Jongert is a leading company in the sailing world that focuses on the construction of beautiful and luxurious yachts. The company guarantees innovation, quality and a unique experience on the water.

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  • Jongert 14M
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  • Jongert 19M
  • Jongert 19S
  • Jongert 2000 MY
  • Jongert 2000S
  • Jongert 20S
  • Jongert 20T
  • Jongert 2100S
  • Jongert 2200S
  • Jongert 26 DS
  • Jongert 2900M
  • Jongert 2900S
  • Jongert 3000 Ketch
  • Jongert 30T
  • Jongert 31T
  • Jongert 4000M
  • Jongert Clipper 67
  • Jongert Zwalker 1
  • Jongert Zwalker
  • Jongert Zwalker 2
  • Jongert Zwalker II
  • Jongert Zwalker 3
  • Jongert Zwalker III
  • Jongert Trewes 1
  • Jongert Trewes 1A
  • Jongert Trewes 2
  • Jongert Trewes II
  • Jongert Trewes 3
  • Jongert Trewes III
  • Jongert Trewes III AK
  • Jongert Trewes 3A Privateer
  • Jongert Trewes IIIA Privateer
  • Jongert Trewes 40 AK
  • Jongert Trewes 48
  • Jongert Trewes 53
  • Jongert Trewes Captain 10.40
  • Jongert Trewes 47 Privateer
  • Jongert Trewes 53 Privateer
  • Jongert Trewes
  • Jongert Jongert Traditional Line
  • Jongert Jongert 36 ketch