Jacht- en Scheepswerf Kempers was a renowned yacht and shipyard located in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. The yard was founded in 1900 and was known for the barges that were built there and the high quality of their yachts. The first known name of the yard is; TH. Kempers & Son Shipbuilding and Repair Yard. In 1979 the company name was changed to Scheeps en Jachtwerf Kempers B.V.

One of the most remarkable types of yachts built by Kempers was the Kempala 12.50 GSAK. This was a stylish and seaworthy yacht designed for cruising the open sea. The Kempers yachts are very popular with water sports enthusiasts because of their robust construction, excellent sailing characteristics and luxurious finish.

Unfortunately, Jacht- en Scheepswerf Kempers is no longer active from Alphen aan den Rijn. In 1994 the yard was taken over by Van der Valk, which also owns Avifauna and the Van der Valk Hotel in Alphen aan den Rijn. The new name of the shipyard has been since then “Scheepswerf Falcon” and is active in building hulls for Vedette Jachtbouw, does maintenance on yachts in the shed and still owns 2 long slipways on which small commercial vessels but also former professional vessels can be lifted out of the water for maintenance and repair.

The yachts built by Jacht- en Scheepswerf Kempers still have an excellent reputation when it comes to quality and sailing characteristics. The name Kempers therefore remains a household name in Dutch shipbuilding and yacht building in particular. With their rich history and excellent craftsmanship, they have made many yacht owners happy with their beautiful ships.

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Jacht- en Scheepswerf Kempers, Alphen aan den Rijn

  • Kempala
  • Kempala Kempers
  • Kempala 920
  • Kempala 9.20
  • Kempala 1100
  • Kempala 11.00
  • Kempala 1250
  • Kempala 12.50
  • Kempala 1250 GSAK
  • Kempala 12.50 GSAK
  • Kempala 950
  • Kempala 9.50
  • Kempala 32
  • Kempala 33
  • Kempala Kotter 1150
  • Kempala Kotter 11.50
  • Kempala Kotter 1350
  • Kempala Kotter 13.50
  • Kempala Kotter 1400
  • Kempala Kotter 14.00
  • Kempala Kruiser 1100
  • Kempala Kruiser 11.00
  • Kempala Kempers 1100 GSOK
  • Kempala Kempers 11.00 GSOK
  • Kempala Kempers 1550
  • Kempala Kempers 15.50
  • Kempala Kempers 1900
  • Kempala Kempers 19.00
  • Kempala Kempers 22.00
  • Kempala Kempers 2200
  • Kempala Kempers 58
  • Kempala Kempers Cutter 60
  • Kempala Kempers 61
  • Kempala Spiegel kotter