A Lemsteraak, also known as Lemmeraak, is a traditional Dutch sailing ship that originated in the Lemmer region of Friesland. It is a flat-bottomed sailing ship with a characteristic shape and appearance. Lemsteraken used to be mainly used as fishing vessels on inland waterways and the Zuiderzee.

The name Lemmeraak is used for Lemsteraken that were not built in Friesland, because everything from De Lemmer is called Lemster (also the inhabitants).

In the past, Lemsteraken served as reliable fishing workhorses. With their flat bottoms they were suitable for navigating shallow waters, and they had sufficient cargo capacity to carry large quantities of fish. The ships were equipped with a deckhouse, a living space for the crew, in which they could rest and protect themselves from the elements.

Today, old Lemsteraken are mainly used for recreational purposes. Many of these beautiful ships have been lovingly restored and preserved as historical heritage. They are used for sailing trips and boat trips on inland waterways and the Wadden Sea. People enjoy sailing on these traditional ships and experience the nostalgia and charm of the past.

In addition to the old ships, new Lemsteraken are also being built. These modern ships combine the traditional look with contemporary techniques and materials. They are often tailor-made for individual owners and offer comfortable accommodations and a high level of sailing performance.

There are several versions of Lemsteraken available, including the "Roefschip" and the "Fisherman" version. The Roefschip version has a spacious and comfortable deckhouse, in which you can stay during longer trips. This version is popular among sailing enthusiasts who want to enjoy sailing in comfort. The Fisherman version of the Lemsteraak is inspired by traditional fishing vessels. This version has an open cockpit and less luxurious amenities, making the ship more suitable for active sailors who would like to be involved in sailing and navigating the ship.
Both the Roefschip and Fisherman versions of the new Lemsteraken are used for recreational sailing and competitions.

Whether it concerns old restored ships or newly built ones, the Lemsteraak remains a symbol of the rich maritime history of the Netherlands. These beautiful ships are cherished and admired by sailing enthusiasts and contribute to the preservation of the nautical heritage.

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