Maxi Sailing Yachts is a prestigious Swedish yard that specializes in building luxury sailing yachts. The company has a rich history and over the years has produced some of the world's most coveted sailing yachts.

The yard was founded in 1971 by Pelle Petterson, who was one of Sweden's most famous sailors at the time. He started the yard with the aim of producing sailing yachts that were both fast and comfortable, without compromising on quality. The first Maxi sailing yachts were an immediate success and established the yard's reputation as a builder of high-quality sailing yachts.

One of the most famous models produced by Maxi Sailing Yachts is the Maxi 77. This was a smaller boat that was produced from 1976 to 1985 and was popular with cruising and competitive sailors. Other well-known models include the Maxi 95, the Maxi 999, the Maxi 1100 and the Maxi 1300.

Over the years, Maxi Sailing Yachts has undergone several acquisitions and changes of ownership. In 2012 the company was taken over by the Polish yacht builder Delphia, who then merged the Maxi brand with their own brand. In 2018, France's Beneteau bought 80% of Delphia's shares and took control of a group of companies, including the Maxi Yachts brand. Today, the production of boats continues. At that time, Beneteau already had several brands in their portfolio, including Beneteau, Jeanneau and Lagoon.

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Maxi Sailing Yachts

  • Maxi
  • Maxi 100
  • Maxi 1000
  • Maxi 1050
  • Maxi 108
  • Maxi 1060
  • Maxi 1100
  • Maxi 120
  • Maxi 1200
  • Maxi 130
  • Maxi 1300
  • Maxi 33
  • Maxi 34
  • Maxi 35
  • Maxi 38+
  • Maxi 380
  • Maxi 39
  • Maxi 68
  • Maxi 77
  • Maxi 777
  • Maxi 800
  • Maxi 84
  • Maxi 87
  • Maxi 900
  • Maxi 909
  • Maxi 95
  • Maxi 999
  • Maxi Dolphin 33 (MD33)
  • Maxi Dolphin 65
  • Maxi Fenix 8.5
  • Maxi Magic
  • Maxi Mixer 35
  • Maxi Racer
  • Maxi SM40