Sasga Yachts is a Spanish shipyard located on the island of Menorca. The yard has a rich history that started in 1997 with the building of Menorquin motor yachts.

The company has developed into one of the most renowned shipyards in Spain and is known for the high quality and reliability of their Menorquin yachts. Sasga Yachts strives to build each Menorquin yacht to perfection so that the customer can receive the dream boat that meets their requirements. This is what sets the company apart from other yards and why customers from all over the world rely on Sasga Yachts.

Sasga Yachts currently offers a range of luxury motor yachts, including the Menorquin 34 HT, the Menorquin 42 HT and the Menorquin 68 FB. These yachts are designed for comfort and on every trip. Each yacht is equipped with modern technologies and state-of-the-art systems, including high-quality navigation and communication systems and state-of-the-art entertainment installations.

In summary, Sasga Yachts with their Menorquin series is one of the best and most famous shipyards in Spain. The company is known for the high quality and reliability of their yachts and their dedication to custom building each boat. Customers can rely on the experience and expertise of Sasga Yachts and the yachts they build.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Sasga Yachts. For further information about the sale of your Menorquin or if you wish to purchase a Menorquin, please contact us.

Sasga Yachts

Yacht and Ships for sale, sold or not for sale anymore
  • Menorquin
  • Menorquin 100
  • Menorquin 110
  • Menorquin 120
  • Menorquin 145
  • Menorquin 150
  • Menorquin 160
  • Menorquin 180
  • Menorquin 55
  • Menorquin Yacht 100 Open
  • Menorquin V
  • Menorquin IX
  • Menorquin VI
  • Menorquin XI
  • Menorquin VIII
  • Menorquin XIV
  • Menorquin 27
  • Menorquin 34
  • Menorquin 38
  • Menorquin 40
  • Menorquin 42
  • Menorquin 43
  • Menorquin 45
  • Menorquin 54
  • Menorquin 100 Cabine
  • Menorquin 120 Fly
  • Menorquin 120 Open
  • Menorquin 150 Fly
  • Menorquin 160 Classic
  • Menorquin 160 Fly
  • Menorquin 180 Fly
  • Menorquin 27 Solarium
  • Menorquin 40 Capeador
  • Menorquin 43 Capeador
  • Menorquin 45 Luxe
  • Menorquin 34 HT
  • Menorquin 42 HT
  • Menorquin 54 HT
  • Menorquin 42 FB
  • Menorquin 54 FB
  • Menorquin 68 FB