Mulder Shipyard from Zoeterwoude is a well-known name in the yachting world. The company was founded in 1938 and has a rich history in the construction of high-quality ships. In the early years, Mulder mainly focused on the construction of sailing yachts, but later the company expanded her services to the construction of motor yachts.

The current motor yachts from Mulder Shipyard are known for their quality and luxury. The company focuses on the production of tailor-made motor yachts for both private customers and companies. The motor yachts are equipped with the latest technologies and are designed with care for detail and comfort. The company works with renowned architects and interior designers to build the perfect ships that meet the specific wishes and requirements of the customers.

Over the past decades, Mulder Shipyard has built up an excellent reputation and is regarded as one of the leading shipyards in the Netherlands. The company is proud of her traditions and continues to focus on producing high-quality motor yachts that meet customer expectations.

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Mulder Shipyard Zoeterwoude

Yacht and Ships for sale, sold or not for sale anymore
  • Mulder
  • Mulder 37 Favorite
  • Mulder 38 Favorite
  • Mulder 48 Saloon Boat
  • Mulder 59 Hardtop
  • Mulder 59 HT
  • Mulder 60 Wheelhouse
  • Mulder 61 Wheelhouse
  • Mulder 63 Wheelhouse
  • Mulder 70 Wheelhouse
  • Mulder 72 Flybridge
  • Mulder 74 Futura
  • Mulder 76 Flybridge
  • Mulder 88 Flybridge
  • Mulder Eleonore
  • Mulder Favorite 1300
  • Mulder Favorite 13.00
  • Mulder Favorite 1500
  • Mulder Favorite 15.00
  • Mulder Favorite 1600
  • Mulder Favorite 16.00
  • Mulder Favorite 1700
  • Mulder Favorite 17.00
  • Mulder Favorite 1800
  • Mulder Favorite 18.00
  • Mulder Favorite 2200
  • Mulder Favorite 22.00
  • Mulder Wheelhouse
  • Mulder ThirtySix Futura 56
  • Mulder Futura 63 Flybridge
  • Mulder Kotter 1260
  • Mulder Kotter 12.60
  • Mulder Super Favorite 1070 Cabrio
  • Mulder Super Favorite 10.70 Cabrio
  • Mulder Custom Build
  • Mulder Convertible
  • Mulder Flybridge