Nauticat sailing yachts and motorsailors are unique vessels with excellent build quality and an impressive design. Formerly based in Finland and now in Riga, Latvia, the company is known for its high-quality vessels that are perfect for sailing and adventure enthusiasts. The Nauticat sailing yachts and motorsailors are designed to exceed the most demanding requirements of the modern sailor.

These ships have excellent performance, convenient and comfortable accommodation, and are equipped with modern equipment and facilities. They are ideal for long sailing trips, family holidays and vacations.

Nauticat sailing yachts and motorsailors are famous for their durability, reliability and solidity and are extremely popular with sailors all over the world.

Whether you are looking for a ship for a romantic trip along the coast or an adventurous sailing trip, Nauticat offers you the perfect solution.

In a word, Nauticat sailing yachts and motorsailors are the ultimate vessels for those looking for adventure, comfort and quality. Experience a unique sailing experience and discover the beautiful coasts and islands of the world with a Nauticat.

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